we will help you through accurate determination of requirements and evaluation of the options


we will select an appropriate property and will carry out its presentation


we will aid you in choosing the most appropriate and beneficial financial proposal


we will offer you appraisal, legal, notary, designer and insurance services


we will prepare all necessary documentation and agreements for the deal


we will ensure a secure payment method for the chosen property


we will take care of all formalities for consolidating the property rights


we will be there for you for the duration of the deal, concluding with the receipt of the property keys

We WORK with

A client who:

1. Is motivated and wishes to sell their real estate unit and who is in search of a reliable company with good reputation and actual results in order to achieve the above mentioned goal

2. Is willing to pay a fair remuneration to the professionals for the excellent outcome

3. Realises the benefits of an exclusive agreement, as well as understands their own obligations as a client, based on the concluded agreement with the company on the exclusive provision of services

4. Is confident in the result and proceeds to completion. Is ready to review, analyse and make decisions in order to achieve the goal

We do NOT work with

A client who:

1. Is not sure whether it is the right time for selling their real estate unit

2. Is not willing to pay a fair remuneration for the provided services that delivered the results

3. Is not ready to take into account recommendations of the specialists

4. Can at any time withdraw from their obligations without good cause